New Name, Same Great Taste!

We’re Now Called Snoot

Why? Because it’s short and sweet. It’s also our dog’s nickname and we love him. Lastly, we got married, and became partners in all areas of life, so “R_Garcia Band” was no longer a suitable name.

In summary: We are exactly the same people writing music in the same way we always have — so it’s all good in the hood, G.

Other Interesting Slang Definitions for “Snoot”

  • Highfalutin’ / Fancy / Rich
  • An animal’s nose (snout)
  • When someone sneezes and farts (toots) at the same time.
  • To snort or huff something
  • Cocaine
  • Sneaker Boots
  • A Vagina or Anus

And now you know!