We did it! We made a new record! Hoooooray!

Immersive Atlanta Says Good Things!

WdK98dYs“Husband and wife duo Randy and Kayla Garcia have proven quite adept at writing rock-solid songs with strong hooks. Take that as you will, but for me it’s one of the better compliments I can pay to an artist. Many music writers tend to give greater weight to the new and different, but I’d argue it’s just as difficult to write a well-crafted song that’s memorable and familiar, especially one where the band is able to attach their own unique stamp.”


Thank You, Dragon Con!


We played 4 amazing shows at Dragon Con this year!
Wow! Seriously — how are we ever going to top that? Our first year as Snoot has been an incredible ride, but this has to be the coolest thing that’s happened to us since we started this band.

We must give a round of thanks to all of our new friends and fans for partying with us, and double-thanks to the entire DC staff and volunteer team for making our experience so positive! We also want to extend a super-xl set of thanks to Chris Sheldon and Collin Derrick for stepping in and manning the drums and bass respectively. We hope to keep those cats around for a while!

We’ll be in recovery mode for a brief spell, but will emerge soon with more show announcements and some teasers from our upcoming Album: Dank Memes. We leave you with this party-blurred picture of a newly converted Snoot fan partying with Peter Mayhew (aka Chewbacca). The Family Snoot